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Inspired by nature, we create contemporary mixed media paintings and intaglio printmaking cast in plaster; exploring unique textures that translate beautifully on to silk scarves,  cashmere art scarves, cushions and accessories. Each colour story is printed in more sustainable small batches, to create wearable art with a 3d-effect and signature chalky palette. 

Each colour story is Hand-painted or created from original etchings by Tamara. None of our art is digitally created, copied or purchased.

Our wearable art scarves and accessories are ethically produced and created using environmentally considerate dyes and natural materials.

We're excited to replace our gift boxes with more sustainable silk pouches - made from the same silk as we use for our “Tree” silk squares. As well as being more environmentally considerate, they are a lovely way to store each scarf at home - or anything else delicate. And they look and feel beautiful too.

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