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Joy and I have known each other for many years, as our children have grown up together. Our career paths crossed a couple of years ago, when Joy visited one of my exhibitions. She suggested making some of my more contemporary paintings and printmaking into scarves - it really was a turning point in both our lives. When she shared the samples, I was beyond excited! They really were beautiful.  And so RubyKite was created.


 We’re incredibly excited about the possibilities for RubyKIte. Making our products as sustainable as possible is really important to us. We’re already minimising waste; printing in small batches and replacing our gift boxes with silk pouches made from off-cuts from our “Tree” design, as well as printing with dyes that are AZO free. But there’s still so much more we can do. 


Our aim is to create treasured, timeless pieces that prioritise longevity over fast fashion; original art scarves that stand-out in a world of mass production.


Tamara Williams.jpg

I originally studied Graphic Design at Kingston Art College, graduating with a BA in design - all of which seems like a million years ago! I spent the next 30 years running my own design agency in London, creating and designing for brands worldwide, before revisiting the printmaking I so loved at art college, which led me to create RubyKite Arts & Scarves with Joy.  


My design background informs and influences all of our work, from a love of composition and visual space, to the energy and freedom of abstract line work. I love exploring the tactile qualities that gypsum creates with intricate textures that become hugely abstracted when scaled large over our scarves. The gypsum creates a signature palette of chalky, natural tones, which work well on silk and cashmere.


Our Ideas are inspired by nature and always start with drawings, with the landscape around my studio near The River Thames being an especially strong influence. The colours change through each season and are inspirational in so many ways.

My paintings can be found here


Joy Leese.jpg

Whilst I was working out what I was going to do with my life after University I worked in the scarf department at Liberty’s, which set me on my career path of working in fashion and textiles.  After ten years of working in retail I then jumped to the other side and worked for an Italian printer from Como developing scarf collections for retailers. 


In the last few years I have been working freelance, using printers in Europe and India, to develop beautiful scarves for galleries and museums to tie in with their exhibitions.  


Ruby Kite is my dream! I have always wanted to produce beautiful artworks on unique products using the best qualities of fabric. 


I love the idea of creating something special which may cost a bit more, but you will be able to keep wearing it and enjoying it for many years. 

We're over the moon the have won Best Art Scarves in the LuxLife Perfect Gift Awards 2023

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