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A collection of art scarves from our Agapanthus and Feather relief prints cast in plaster, to create abstracted textures which translate beautifully on our large silk scarf, long silk scarf, cashmere scarf, cushions and pouches.


Each colour story is Hand-painted or created from original etchings by Tamara. None of our art is digitally created, copied or purchased. Our wearable art scarves and accessories are ethically produced and created using environmentally considerate dyes and natural materials.


I’ve always loved the detail of small, precious items found on morning walks. The feather and Calendula started as a quick monotone sketch with colour notes for printing. Lino-cuts were created before inking with muted greens, smudgy blues and soft pinks. These were cast in plaster to add layers and textures which really come to life on both the extra long, sheer, wrap which really is, as light as a feather and the Calendula oversized silk square.

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