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A collection of art scarves from our Tree etching plates cast in plaster, to create abstracted textures which translate beautifully on our large silk scarf, small silk scarf, long silk scarf, cashmere scarf, cushions and pouches.


Each colour story is Hand-painted or created from original etchings by Tamara. None of our art is digitally created, copied or purchased. Our wearable art scarves and accessories are ethically produced and created using environmentally considerate dyes and natural materials.


The rings of a cut tree are wondrous. Each one is unique and tells it’s own story. The beauty of the curved lines with their fine textures and uneven edges is hard to capture as a drawing. But, etching plates with their carved graphic lines and inky burrs work really well.  There are two tree etchings that have been used on our silk scarves, cashmere wrap and accessories.

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