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Our new silk "Runners" design is taken from an original silk-screen print which we've printed as a small silk scarf size in 3 colours: ochre, raspberry and cobalt. The art scarves are printed in England on a beautiful quality silk twill to 45cm x 45cm with hand rolled edges. Perfect for both him and her. Also available as art prints, with peace silk cushions and pouches to come!

Our wearable art scarves and accessories are ethically produced and created using environmentally considerate dyes and natural materials. 


I was sorting through a box of discarded artworks and came across this silk screen print, inspired by my Saluki, Mabel.  I remember getting cross that the stencil broke and slipped on the screen, making for imperfect registration. Looking at it now though, it is the imperfection that I like - the half missing dogs and cut off tails; visual peculiarities that have made “Runners” all the more interesting and rather perfectly imperfect.

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