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Perfect Pocket Silks

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Who doesn’t love a silk pocket square? They add a splash of colour and pattern to any plain, more formal outfit. And they can be as individual as you are. Real little statement pieces that make a big impression. Especially relevant today, when the more traditional tie is no longer an essential accessory. It seems these little squares go back a long way. The Ancient Greeks and Romans would carry small linen squares as a symbol of status, and in the Middle Ages “persons of quality” (stylish, even then) would carry small squares of linen or silk sprinkled with perfume to hold to their noses to ward off foul smells. But, it was the French who really made them into a true fashion accessory, experimenting with colour and embroidery, so by the 19th century it was far more common place for men to wear silk squares in their jacket pockets.

These days, they are as much a stylish accessory for women as they are for men. Women can wear these little art scarves in their pockets, hair, tied round the strap of their handbag, as a neckerchief, a bandana - goodness there are so many different ways to style them.

We have our mono-tone “Tree” design, taken from my original etching, with contrasting colour trim or our playful “Runners” colour story in ochre, cobalt or raspberry on a beautiful silk twill with hand rolled edges.

So, if you are searching for something unusual for a stylish (or maybe not so stylish) Dad, or need a little pop of colour to make an ordinary outfit into something rather extraordinary, a pocket silk scarf is definitely for you!

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