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A new kind of normal

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

With so many people facing such a hard time it’s hard to stay positive, but I've been thinking of some reasons to be cheerful in this new kind of normal that we are all living in at the moment:

-Reduction of pollution – the air is so much cleaner and the sky clearer. It’s amazing looking at the sky at night as you can see so many more stars. There are some wonderful pictures online of photos of the sky at night showing stars and comets that just wouldn’t usually be seen.

-The virus hasn’t stopped Spring  It’s such a beautiful time of year when nature starts to reveal all that’s to come and we can begin to look forward to summer.

-We have had lots of sunshine, which has been such a relief after the dismal rainy months of January and February.

-I’m getting the chance to do lots of exercise thanks to great work outs on the internet and to my brilliant friend Jacqui who has been teaching pilates classes each day via Zoom.

-Although we are not going to be able to do our planned events this Spring, Craft in Focus at Wisley and Art for Cure at Glemham Hall are brilliantly organising virtual events online. Look out for updates on our website and our social media.

-I’ve found new uses for my scarves, especially as I haven’t been able to get my hair cut! Keeping hair out of the way whilst doing housework, keeping fit, and also on bad hair days! Also, it’s so nice to cosy up on the sofa with a cashmere scarf wrapped round you. And, when attending work meetings on Google hangouts I just pop a scarf on over my sweater and suddenly look fairly smart from the neck upwards.

Also, I thought if there were, by any chance any old scarves you don’t want you can cut them up and create some colourful festive bunting for Easter.

Take care,

Joy x

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