Wearable Art Scarves

  Make a Statement with Our Wearable Art Scarves

Escape the monotony of stripes, spots, and printed patterns and go a little wild when you opt for wearable art scarves by Ruby Kite Arts & Scarves. Our in-house artist, Tamara Williams, adds seascapes, tree designs, and entirely freeform images, inspired by nature, to our beautiful silk or cashmere scarves. Whether you want a pop of colour, a little something to warm your neck, or an imaginative addition to a favourite outfit, you can find it in our online scarf store. We only create each design in a limited edition - wearable art that is always original in a work of mass production. 

An Illustrated Silk Scarf that Connects Fashion and Nature

We create mixed media paintings and etchings inspired by nature - from the Seascapes and Wildscapes of Norfolk to found natural treasures on morning walks; our art explores unique textures that translate beautifully on to our pure silk and cashmere scarves. The process of illustration begins in our London studio, before our skilled craftsmen and women cut and print each scarf. Even our more contemporary designs are created using responsible materials and fair trade businesses on a global economic platform.


Using Responsibly Sourced Fabrics, Dyes, and Fair Trade Resources

We worked hard to source brilliant colours generated by a more eco-friendly printing process. By using our own weavers our fabrics are woven to specific widths so cutting fabric to waste is minimised and because we print in such small batches, we never throw anything away so we generate less waste. Our limited edition runs ensure that we do not create too much of any one style, limiting our impact on landfills. Meanwhile, our signature art scarves will create a beautiful wearable art piece - a timeless treasure. 

Every order placed on mainland UK receives free shipping from Ruby Kite Arts & Scarves. If you are buying from overseas, we are happy to provide an appropriate shipping fee upon request. Order yours today before your favourite disappears from our shelves.

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