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Wearable Art Scarves; Wearable Ways

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Joy is brilliant with scarf tie ideas. We’ve done a few shows together and I stand back and wander at her wrapping, knotting, weaving and twisting our art scarves in to all sorts of different shapes. She is quite literally the Edward scissor hands of scarves! It’s quite a skill and makes one hand illustrated scarf a very versatile and useful accessory, as well as being a cost effective way to transform one look into another in minutes. Or hours if I’m tying the scarves!

So, we thought it may be useful to show a few very simple ideas. Most of these can be worked out easily from the pictures. But if you have an outfit that needs a contemporary make-over, then do get in touch, as Joy is on hand to offer some expert advice. We are more than happy to provide some inspiration and guide you through some of the more complex twists - particularly the hair knots. We haven’t included them here, but that’s for next time.

Meanwhile, I think I will stick to creating the wearable art scarves. I guess it’s our different skills that make us a great partnership!

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