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Treasure Timeless

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

There's been alot of talk recently about the rising trend in season-less fashion. It’s so refreshing to see some of the big brands moving away from transient trends and being far more mindful about designing timeless pieces that prioritise longevity over throw-away fast fashion. A very welcome, far more responsible approach, that benefits the environment as well as our pockets!

Surely it’s HOW you wear each piece that makes a difference.

The time of year really doesn’t matter - I’m just as happy wearing my silk scarves in the Summer, as I am in the Winter. And as for longevity - well, I’m still wearing my mother’s silk scarves that are over 60 years old. Treasured timeless pieces that never date.

I rather hope that my daughter will be doing the same with our RubyKite art scarves!

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1 commentaire

Membre inconnu
25 nov. 2020

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