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No Sale

January is a strange month. My inbox is filled with brands on sale, sale, sale! And whilst I’ve taken advantage of some of the great price reductions, there is only so much “stuff” I need or want at this time of year. Especially when January seems to be a month when we all hibernate. So, I’ve nowhere to wear any of it anyway.

It got me thinking about a more useful, time-relevant, reduction token that could be used throughout the year, not just crammed into one month. The idea fits well with our season-less fashion belief too.

So, instead of a January “sale” we’ve offered a more time-relevant voucher to all our lovely customers and subscribers. Not a sale, but a season-less token to be used on any of our art scarves at any time of the year. For when it’s needed most.

It’s our way of saying a big thank you for supporting our little brand. It means the world to us.

If you would like to join us for Arts & Scarves updates and our season-less thank you, please subscribe

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2022

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