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Updated: Jul 24, 2021

We try to use sustainable materials where possible: silk and cashmere are both renewable materials with low environmental impact and can be recycled; modal is a renewable, biodegradable fabric made from soft wood trees; our gift and postal boxes are made from recycled, sustainable materials.

By using our own weavers our fabrics are woven to specific widths so cutting fabric to waste is minimised. We know that printing dyestuffs are harmful to the environment but by using digital printing there is less use of water and chemicals than traditional screen printing, the inks are AZO dye free, and there is no waste of fabric. And we print in more sustainable small batches.

All of our products are made with accredited fair trade working standards and practices. We partner with printers in both England and in India. Each is a specialist with a wealth of family experience, spanning half a century in printing, weaving and handwork.

We are just starting and we are working on more ways of bringing beautiful products with minimal environmental impact.

Love Rubykite x

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