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International Women's Day

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

We’re delighted to be featured in this month’s edition of The Surrey Splendour, which looks at women in business and female entrepreneurs in Surrey…

“With today marking International Women’s Day, we thought we would take a minute to celebrate some of the talented businesswomen that reside in Surrey and find out what it takes to be a women in business by asking them the following four questions”:

What challenges have you faced during your career?

Challenges have come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing that helps overcome them, is the ability to remain positive. Positivity feeds creativity, it free’s the mind to think, to imagine, to dream. Without it, everything seems less attainable.

How have you balanced home life and work life during lockdown?

Disciplined, early starts mean I get ahead of the day and an endless book of “To do’s” create a focus that means home and work are pretty balanced.

For those of you with staff, how have you kept them motivated during the pandemic?

It’s just Joy and I in the business and we are really good at motivating and inspiring each other. Our creative chats kickstart the day!

Why is it important for women to support each other in Business?

As designers and perhaps as women, we are highly self-critical. Often, I struggle to create artwork that lives up to what I’m imagining. However, Joy’s intuitive common sense, helps to reassure that what we strive for is not necessarily what engages us the most. Working instinctively together, we realise It’s precisely the imperfection that matters most.

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