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How do you wear yours?

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Scarves are the most versatile of accessories and there are endless ways to wear our gorgeous skinnies, squares and longs. Here are our top tips for Autumn/Winter as seen on this season's catwalks.


Wear around your neck, as a belt, in your hair, around the wrist. A lot of fashion editorials show them tied as a pussy bow. Tying the scarves close to the neck and in your hair draws attention to your face and the scarf design.


With long or square you can get quite a relaxed style by simply looping the scarf. This looks so good with jackets and jumpers and is so easy you don’t really need to think about it. Currently our favourite way of tying a scarf.


The iconic headscarf is making a real come back. The beautiful square can be worn round the neck, round the head, or both, and different sizes will have different effects. Also, the small squares are great for both women and men used as pocket squares with a flash of colour peeping out of the top of a pocket.

scarf ties
Stylish scarf-tie ideas

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