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Curated Makers

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

We're over the moon to be selected for the new and exciting “Findamaker” family; a beautifully curated directory of over 120 exceptionally skilled Makers and galleries from around the world, created by Sarah James, founder of Craft Festival.

The aim is to connect art and craft lovers with a curated collection of the finest makers, regardless of where they are based. And Sarah certainly has the nous to make it a success, having spent 18 years creating some of the most beautiful craft festivals in Europe. Along the way, she’s gathered a loyal and knowledgeable audience of followers that love and appreciate skillfully, handmade objects - from ceramics, glass, textiles, jewellery, metal, wood, plastics, mixed media, leather, recycled materials, printmaking and paper - there is something to treasure in every category.

Do have a look - it’s so inspiring. And you won’t find anything else remotely like it on the high street - digital or otherwise!

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