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Art lover or just curious ‘The Big 100’ has something for everyone.

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

We are so happy to be taking part in this year's Art for Cure, joining over 100 incredible artists and sculptors to raise funds for breast cancer support and research.

The exhibition normally takes place at Glemham Place - a magnificent Elizabethan Hall in East Suffolk, but will now be shown online, opening at 6pm on 7th May at and continue until the end of 31st May.

Over 100 artists have created over 1000 original paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photographs, textiles and items of jewellery for sale to raise funds for the charity. The Big 100 online exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to see a far greater number and range of artworks than would normally be possible. Artists donate a high commission to the charity which goes directly to fund the charity’s focussed work.

“The gallery will include work from the whole artistic community: young established artists and eminent national artists ; internationally recognised names and newly discovered names; work from East Anglian artists and from across the UK; artists depicting the rural lanes of Suffolk, the byways of India and the highways of California; artists and designers offering work in copper, cloth, paint, porcelain, silver and steel.

There will be paintings, prints, pastels, portraits and pots. There will be humour and beauty. There will be landscapes, portraits, rings, figurines, vases, cushions, wall hangings, statues, drawings. There will be works that are monumental and works that are miniature".

"And It seems fitting that the online exhibition will open over the VE-Day weekend when the UK recognises all that was offered, lost and gained during the years that came before victory. It is in that spirit that Art for Cure has proceeded with what promises to be the biggest online art exhibition of the year and one of the most exciting online galleries in the UK”.

Having attracted 10,000 people last time at Glemham Hall, Suffolk 2018 the charity has raised a staggering £730,000 so far with ambitious hopes of reaching a £million this year Belinda says:

“Breast cancer diagnoses sadly continue at an alarming rate in this extraordinary pandemic situation. Continued support from our charity fundraising is needed now more than ever and research must be sustained throughout this time of Covid-19”.

The show comes at just the right time with many of us spending more time than ever before in our homes and gardens putting our energies into maintaining or improving them. Birthdays, anniversaries and postponed special events can be commemorated with a stunning piece of art to be enjoyed over many years.

Opening at 6pm on 7 May 2020 at

Information taken from Art for Cure Press release April 2020

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