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A work in progress...

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

As local shops slowly begin to open their doors again, we’re hoping to start printing some of our new work for our art scarves. I’ve been busy painting and drawing during lockdown in the sanctuary of my studio - which has been a very welcome space in a very busy house over the past few weeks! I usually open the studio doors as part of Surrey Artists Open Studios, but sadly this year it has not been possible. I’ve really missed meeting new people and seeing familiar faces. But the creative work is piling up and Joy and I would love to receive any feedback on what you all think, before we shortlist the work for our wearable art scarves.

All my paintings and etchings are created and cast in gypsum, which makes the colours chalky and adds layers of texture which become hugely abstracted when taken large.

We’re hoping that these paintings will create a range of transitional limited edition art scarves that are pretty season-neutral - an all year round hand illustrated scarf that suits your mood, whatever that may be! We’re also exploring different types of hand spun, hand woven silks, which are more sustainable. In fact we’ve recently updated our sustainability values which focus on minimising the impact our art scarves have on the environment. This includes working with our skilled printers to ensure they are ethically certified and using dyes that contain less harmful chemicals and are AZO-free.

We’ve also joined with Brilliant little brands and the Charity Fairs Association to donate 10% of our sales to different charities - their website is definitely worth a visit.

Hope you all have a good week ahead.

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