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Designer Scarf

Dress Up Your Wardrobe with a Designer Scarf

At Ruby Kite Arts & Scarves, we create a unique collection of women scarves that use responsibly sourced materials and labour. We are mindful about designing timeless art scarves that prioritise longevity over throw-away fast fashion. A more responsible approach, that benefits the environment as well as our pockets! Find dramatic versions of natural forms, abstract images, or simply a scarf that's big on personality. Wear yours with pride or make it a gift to a fashion forward friend. While we are based in London, we source materials internationally from fair trade companies.

Stunning Women Scarves from the UK

We create original art in our London studio, that makes a wearable statement. Our chalky palette of colours and monotones work so well over our art scarves to create a contemporary, individual look. Wrap a scarf around your neck in the winter, wear it as a shawl, or take it to the beach in the summer. We use silk or cashmere to make touchable art that feels and looks wonderful. We work with less harmful dyes and more responsible printing processes to deliver a unique style without placing excessive stress on the environment. 


Adding a Unique Twist to Your Look

How do you turn that favourite dress or timeless "go to" top into something worthy of a special occasion? It is easy when you add a designer scarf from Ruby Kite Arts & Scarves to your bag. A stylish transformation from day to night with a twist of your scarf.

Use our easy online shop to find women scarves that speak to your personal sense of style. We always ship free anywhere in the mainland UK, but are happy to ship internationally for a little extra. We’re happy to provide a cost if required. 

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