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This is our Wildscape large silk scarf printed to 130cm x 130cm.


The image is taken from our “Wildscape” series of paintings onto gypsum; creating wonderfully abstract textures on a large scale.


We hand wrap each item in one of our more sustainable silk pouches (made using off-cuts from our “Tree” silk scarves), so it arrives looking special and provides a great way to store your scarf. Both packing and postage is included in the price shown.



Inspired by long walks along the fields and beaches of the North Norfolk coast, My Wildscape paintings started as a series of colour sketches, before being painted on plaster. The plaster transforms the bright colours into a chalky palette of coastal tones.  We chose two of the nine editions for printing on to our large silk scarf. The textures from each of the little works are greatly magnified and create wonderfully abstract detail on a large scale.


SKU: 0006
£150.00 Regular Price
£75.00Sale Price
  • Dry clean only

    100% SILK

    130cm x130cm

    Wearable art

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